Deep in your heart, you know that a Rocky Mountain destination wedding can be the most tranquil backdrop for one of the most sterling highs of your life. Just picture snowy mountain peaks and scintillating trees contributing to a wonderland, and you would have that in the serene town of Canmore, AB - the place where earlier in October 2017; I photographed a #destinationwedding at the Silvertip resort and loved every part of the experience. 

 I would say, when it comes to photographing weddings, it is part style, part planning, and part luck. Therefore, to make the wedding a more personalized affair for the couple, I met them for coffee to jumpstart the getting-to-know-you process, and it helped with the eventual outcome. 

 My advice to all the rookie photographers out there, If you do not know the location, it is best to arrive few days in advance to scan and familiarize yourself with the area, the light, and space. That way, you will be prepared on the day of the wedding. 

On the day of the wedding, I shot at the Silvertip resort, offering an idyllic background. The green pastures were sprinkled with fresh snow and punctuated with towering timber frames, dramatic stone fireplaces and walls of windows depicting the splendor of Canmore’s surroundings. 


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