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 According to one study done by a real estate photography company, top-notch photos can make your house sell 32% faster than a house with low quality or average pictures. That’s not just for million-dollar mansions, either. The study, conducted by VHT Studios, took houses of all values into account.

 No Matter what the property is worth, you can make it look like a millions bucks by getting it ready for professional photos. Buyers want and need to see the full potential of your house to picture themselves in it, but that can be difficult to do when it is covered up in your things—no matter how important they may be to you.

 Have you ever looked through rental ads or real estate listings and thought to yourself, "Is it really that color? Why is that house so dark? Why did they use that angle? It's too cluttered to see the real potential of the house."

 If you are looking to sell or rent your property, professional photographs can help you sell or rent significantly faster! 

 Here at RAW Image, we want to help you with your listing. Providing you with high quality, properly exposed and tack sharp images; we can bring your listing photos to life!

Here, we'll outline and show you the difference in amateur with an Iphone and professional photography with the equipment necessary to make your home stand out! 


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Below: This photo has been taken with a top of the line cell phone, Notice how bright it is outside, and how dark the phone made the room look? In this house there are very large, tall windows to the Right of this image, But you'd never know it, The angle isn't flattering either.  

Below: This photo taken with professional equipment and knowledge, It accentuates how beautiful and stunning this kitchen really is with proper exposure, colour correction and angles.